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This greenroof was created in 2002 to educate the public and support the Earthpledge foundation in its mission to put a greenroof on every roof in NYC. Link below for greening gotham.

Located in Nycak NY, Yellowbird is a mixed yuse residential/art gallery overlooking the majestic Hudson. Click below for coverage of the opening gala

The re-design and replanting of the Solaire, the first LEED gold residential building in the world, was truly a feather in our cap.

Funded by the Bronx Overall economic development Corporation, this greenroof  serves as an outdoor space for grandparents raising their grandchildren

The largest greenroof in New York, Silvercup studios has seen immediate  energy savings from their 30,000 plus squar feet of greenroof. Link to NYT column below

Our first demonstration greenroof




Silvercup Studios

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